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Monitoring Services

Your fire alarm or security system is an essential part of ensuring the safety of your facilities, staff, and visitors. We provide 24hr monitoring solutions. Keeping watch at all hours.

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Monitoring Service Pricing

Click below and provide some information about your system. You will instantly receive our monitoring services price list, consisting of cellular communicator installation and central station monitoring prices

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Cellular Monitoring

With so many cellular phones in operation today, land lines are becoming obsolete. Transmitting signals over cellular is simply faster than transmitting signals over telephone lines. In addition, if phone lines go down, or are cut – no signals can be transmitted, leaving your system unprotected!

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Traditional Monitoring

Use your existing POTS telephone lines to monitor your fire alarm or security system. In areas where cellular coverage is lacking, your system can be monitored through a pair of copper telephone lines. (digital lines cannot be used to replace POTS lines)

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